Tuesday, May 5, 2009

sicky sick sick take two

i am sick again. a different kind of sick from last week, but sick none the less. husband thinks that the antibiotics wiped out the infection plus good stuff, too. oh goody. i'm pretty sure this is the same cold i had 2 weeks ago. it was an unwelcomed guest then, i don't understand why it thought i would appreciate another visit. on the bright side, i am not in the middle of finals this time around. keep your fingers crossed that the man cold doesn't make another guest appearance. and since i don't feel very well, i'm going to use it as a cop out to the weekly specials. live it up this week because you have your health. as for me, i'm going to bed.


Amy said...

I hope you feel better soon!!

Heather!! said...

SUCH a bummer, lydia!! get well soon, i hopeyou have a really great mother's day =]