Thursday, March 26, 2009

sew you like yoga

the tutorial mentioned before did not work out for me. i wanted to use up some fabric that i had left over, and there was not enough to follow that pattern. so i made one up on my own. it was a lot of fun because i was able to learn some new techniques and, no matter that it is so basic, make up a pattern that worked.

today i made some time for yoga - something i have been putting off for a long time. it was so nice! my body really needed as did my mind to ease my stress level. while i was pregnant i ordered dvd of prenatal yoga with shiva rea. it was so helpful. the best part of it was that the dvd came with a postnatal yoga program as well. that is what i did today. loved it! i know, my baby is almost 8 months, but i just haven't set yoga as a priority so this was the first time since baby was born that i watched that part of the dvd. hopefully i can make it a permenant part of my weekly routine and that next time baby won't decided to get his finger stuck in the vcr.

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Heather!! said...

LOL re:the vcr--you are SO creative, i love it!!!