Friday, March 20, 2009

insomnia part deux

it appears that it is an epidemic - tonight it has hit baby. i should be blaming myself for it. he was crabby around 9, so i got the bright idea that he would eat his last feeding, go to sleep, and stay that way until the morning. he followed the plan until he woke up again after about an hour. i failed remember that he slept in this morning until 10:30 am (i know - woohoo!) so he took ] this opportunity to take a short nap. now i have a wide awake baby boy who just wants to play. if he weren't so dang cute i would sell him to the gypsies. since i have a new camera, and baby is pulling himself up on furniture to stand and walk, i have been having a blast using him as a subject to sharpen my rusty photography skills. here a few of my favorites so far (unedited).

what did i do to deserve such a sweet boy? i sure hope he gets sleepy soon.

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Dani said...

These are great lydia! I wanted to ask where did you find your camera, I think, I'm going to make goals so as I sell things on Etsy and save up I can buy something I really want, and right now I want a new BETTER camera.